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All Hallows Eve –

My nephew Thorin (Kari’s son) will be a great scary movie companion at some point. We were at the Halloween store this past weekend and there are several interactive dioramas throughout the store. Including a life size little girl from … Continue reading

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Scariest non-horror films or scenes – by Dan Gillotte (guest post to SATM)

The following guest post is by our  friend and surrogate brother Dan Gillotte. A favorite Dan memory is dissecting the film Pulp Fiction. I was an idiot – stating the film was “vapid”.  Dan responded nonchalantly, “Really? You should watch … Continue reading

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The Scariest Movies I Ever Saw –

But, first the scariest movie I never saw. In our little city, before there was Netflix and about a million other in-home film viewing choices there was (and is) Videoport on Middle Street. It seemed everyone who was cool, awesome … Continue reading

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What Goes Bump in the Night

I love most all types of horror movies. Recently I have been pulled toward zombie, and the more specific infection, stories. I liked I am Legend (2009) – an infection movie starring Will Smith – the first time I saw … Continue reading

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